Sunday, November 20, 2011

Joe's Furniture Co. Truck, Duncan, AZ July 18, 2011

I usually prefer to place my cowboy and indian art pieces only on cloudy days during the middle of summer.  It’s hot enough already without the sun beating down on one’s body.  Whenever I leave my vehicle for only brief periods of time, I leave the air-conditioning running full blast.  Then I take large, portable sun shades which I prop up inside the vehicle’s windshield.
Yesterday, I bought a pair of black flip-flops encrusted with huge crystals and rhinestones to wear on my feet.  Normally, I don’t ever wear anything but cowboy boots whether it is hot outside or not.  However, when it comes to sparkle and bling, a true cowgirl can never have enough of it.  Whether it comes from Tiffany’s or the Dollar Store – we love our bling!  However, this is not the best footwear when it comes scouting a perfect location for an art piece placement.  One is never sure when they might step into a rocky space scattered with rust metal or a snoozing rattlesnake.  
Today I met with a patient in a sparse housing “subdivision” in Greenlee County.  As I drove through it, I saw a beat-up and graffiti painted old pick-up truck.  I could see large lettering on the original paint job.  This was once a truck for “Joe’s Furniture Company – Clifton/Morenci.”  It had no front grill, smashed windows, flat tires and no door in the back.  Joe’s Furniture Company is now non-existent.  I have no clue of it ever existing at least in the past 6 years.   
This appeared to be a great place to place a cowboy and indian art piece but not a great place to walk around in sparkle laden flip-flops. I placed, photographed and documented #116 on the glove compartment’s open lid inside the truck.  I finished and stepped carefully as I walked back to my car.  As I drove away, gratitude for finding such a great placement along with no injuries to my feet emitted joy from my heart.  With my pedicure and feet intact, it was good to know that nothing living was injured during the course of furthering my artistic expression - today.