Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cochise Church Cochise, AZ January 6, 2012

The patient I had just seen lived deep in the farming community outside of Cochise.  Drove down N. Manzoro Road and had just passed W4 Spear Ranch Road.  Looked for Cochise Stronghold Road which I knew would take me right back to 191.
I easily found it and drove through “downtown” Cochise.  On my left was the cutest, small white church.  It appeared to no longer serve in the function as a place of worship.  Now its function appeared to be one of a photo opportunity for the few tourists who might venture this way.
I placed, photographed and documented cowboy and indian art piece #128 on white painted, cement, ledge below an arch and near the front door.  One more cowboy and indian art piece placed in a new home.   



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