Sunday, April 22, 2012

540 Coronado Blvd., Clifton, AZ January 25, 2012

About a mile from where I saw the big horn sheep graze, are two, deteriorating  wooden, fake “old west” facades with small wooden plank porches. They look as if they were put up as the start of a tourist attraction.  One has a rustic, orange sign Rusty Saloon and the other had a rustic orange sign Cenepil Mercantile.  There are also two 3 foot terra cotta vases in front of each of the entrances.    
I placed, photographed and documented #134 at the bottom of the entrance to the Cenepil Mercantile.  Then I got back in my SUV and drove down Coronado back to Safford.  Maybe I should’ve left the cowboy and indian art piece in front of the entrance of the saloon?  At least that way if they got thirsty, it was more convenient for them for them to saunter on in for a drink.  The creative process can make a soul quite parched.          



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