Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Corner of Coronado Blvd. & Riverside Dr., Clifton, AZ January 25, 2012

It was near this corner that I saw my first herd of big horn sheep grazing.  At first at a distance, I assumed that someone’s herd of goats got loose.  As I drove my vehicle closer their large horns became evident.  These were no goats!  After I parked my car, I got out of it with camera in hand.  The bighorn sheep either got a whiff of or seen me.  In a matter of minutes all I could see is hooves bounding up the rocky slope and the herd vanished.
At this corner are some large, horizontal wooden beams which reinforced the side of the rocky cliff.  There are railroad tracks that run along the top of the cliff.  I assumed without the wooden beams the vibrations from the trains running along those tracks could eventually make that whole rocky slope crumble.
I placed, photographed and documented cowboy and indian art piece #131 on one of the exposed wooden beams nearly - out of sight.  Perhaps the plastic cowboy and indian figures on the art piece will someday witness the return of the big horned sheep.  Only this time the herd won’t flee from observation.         


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